Saturday, December 6, 2008

Random ADhD Thoughts

In the spirit of trying to enlighten you to inner-workings of an ADhD mind, I took a brief cruise through my house and [actually] paid attention to everything that I have started recently... or maybe not so recently.
  • There are 2 Christmas bulbs that I decorated with glitter that are waiting for the rest of their brothers and sisters to be "beautified". The remaining bulbs are sitting on a shelf near my desk.
  • There is a knitting project sitting next to me, and 4 others crying out to me from the depths of my closet. "Finish me next, Mommy!"
  • There is a pile of folded clothes on my daughter's dresser that I started putting away, until she needed help in the bathroom.
  • I found 3 "To-Do" lists with the same items listed, in an attempt to be prepared for the upcoming Christmas activities.
  • There are 3 stories on my computer that I have started writing with great intentions (and great storylines) that I just know would be "best sellers" if I could finish them.
  • In the same folder as the 3 stories are the beginnings of 2 business plans for my own company. I believe the last modified date on those goes back to early 2007.
  • To my right, I just noticed 3 photo albums from college that I was attempting to scan in and post to facebook.
  • There are many more, but this list is getting depressing.

If you could see the mental "folders" in my brain, you'd be even more scared. While writing this,
I was reminded of the following:
  • I have ideas for 6 different businesses or "sellable" ideas
  • I have an idea for a high school class that I would like to teach
  • I started my Master's in Education, but could not complete it because I couldn't take the time off of work to do the student teaching portion.
  • I have an idea for another book I would like to write.
  • I want to decorate my house for Christmas, but I keep putting it off because I want to "craft" it. I don't want to buy it.
  • My house is a mess right now, and I need to clean it.
  • I don't want to clean it.
  • I have 2 projects that I would like to create for my actual job, but I haven't had the time.
  • I have 4 "crafts" that I would love to produce and sell on Etsy...
  • I have to start making cookie dough for Christmas cookies...
  • I need to organize my closet & "mini-closet"...
  • ok... I need to turn off my brain now.
  • I want to teach my daughter a new beading trick I found... She has ADhD too... She wants to make beaded flower bracelets and sell them. She started last week... She has 4 flowers on the string.
  • I have a fantastic idea for a sociology experiment, but I would need Oprah Winfrey to be interested enough to fund it... I think she would love the idea, but how the heck would ever get to talk to Oprah Winfrey?
As you can plainly see, my mind is a scary place. The above list is no joke. That's why nothing ever gets done. Not only do I have a million ideas race through my head in any given moment, I have this crazy notion that everything needs to be done Martha Stewart style... a.k.a. Flawless, Beautiful and Perfect. Add the fact that I have FOUR GIRLS (3,4,7 & 12) and a full time+ job to my ADhD and the outlook for any of the above ideas is very bleak.

I wish I could hire a writer, an organizer, a babysitter, Martha Stewart and an investor. OK, I understand I would "hire" an investor, but you get the point. Why an investor? Well, my amazing business ideas would probably cost me millions to get started, because every idea that floats through this little brain of mind is way over the top.

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